Wow! Live from Minneapolis!

Hello there!

This weekend I hopped a direct flight on Spirit to apartment hunt! As expected the weekend was fabulous. Real-life apartment hunting is very gratifying after 3 months of virtual apartment hunting!

There were several “wow” moments built in to my trip.

The first came a couple of days before my trip as I checked the forecast for Minneapolis. I thought, wow, I really do have to unpack my winter clothes again!  Traditionally, in Texas, we don’t usually pack our “winter clothes” for the spring. There is a twofold reason for this: first, our winter jackets are usually laughably light and second: the weather is so finicky  you never know when it will drop into the 30s. The saying goes in Texas, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change. I packed seasonally this year, trying to be clever for my big move. Jack Frost may think he got the last laugh, but unpacking my “winter clothes” justified the purchase of heavy boots and coats in Texas.

The second “wow” moment happened as I was touring my new apartment. I parked the rental Camry on the street, it was a bit chilly and overcast, but nothing crazy. I emerged an hour later to find my car canvased in a beautiful white blanket of snow. I had a series of rapid fire “wows”  (1) it’s possible to have snow on April 18th  (2) it’s possible for snow to cover a my car in 60 minutes (3) a snow plow had passed and last but not least (4) yes, carefree bikers ride in this snow.

Minnesotans seemed equal parts apologetic and peeved about the snow in April. I loved it. I guess that their thoughts may have been less glum if they, like me, had never seen this much beautiful snow all at once, ever. This was more snow than the Dallas Christmas of 2013 “snowpocalypse.” After the shiny newness of fresh snow faded, (aka, my nose started freezing), I realized that entering the car would now be a challenge. After many failed efforts of wiping down the car, I did manage to pull out of the parking spot, parallel park in another, drive out of that one, and get back home safely to MY FIRST SNOWBALL FIGHT EVER that night!

I did have a wonderful “wow” moment on my flight home. A new friend taught me a bit about how the roads are logically laid out. Wow, it really is that easy! Thanks, friend!

Here’s to unusually happy spring days!

Happily yours,


Dilemma, how to get snow off the car....

Dilemma, how to get snow off the car….

So excited to see that I will be able to bike in the snow, too!

So excited to see that I will be able to bike in the snow, too!


My first Triathlon, a “wow moment” extravaganza!

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to run a triathlon. I planned and trained and researched and planned more and trained more, and maybe should have researched a bit more. Finally the moment arrived, surrounded by my wonderfully supportive boyfriend, sister and friend I headed to the transition area at the King Tut Tri ( I found my rack space, number 113! It was 5am and the triathlon veterans, while initially intimidating, proved sweet and helpful. As I headed to the open water start, donning my rented wet suit (thanks to, I stopped to ask a volunteer a question that had been on my mind.

“What is this long string for attached to the zipper in the front of my suit?”

There was a moment of hesitation on his part and then he said

“I’m afraid that you may actually have your wetsuit on backwards”

We stared at each other for a couple of seconds, the words “wow” passed through my mind and then, almost on cue, the burst of laughter from both of our mouths.

“Hurry” he said “I’ll help you put it on the right way!” Mindful that my race start was in less than 15 minutes.

And so the tone of the triathlon was set, and I had both an enjoyable and successful event!

If you’re a triathlete, tell me about your first triathlon “wow” moments and give me tips on how to make my next race better!


Giulia Ippolito


Donning my wet suit, blissfully unaware of the fact that it was on backwards!


Hello and welcome!

I think an introduction appropriate for my first blog post!

The idea for this blog stemmed from listening to The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin on audiobook. (Awesome book, check it out and her blog

I will soon be journeying across the country and wanted a way to 1) keep my loved ones in Texas and Italy and across the nation in the loop of my inevitable “wow moments” 2) find a forum where cyber-good samaritans can advise me on my move.

What is a “wow moment,” you ask?

The “wow moment” is a coined after sharing similar experience with a dear friend. Like a greek tragedy or an epic story there is an unwavering pattern that “wow moments” follow. There is always a task to be done (either by myself or someone who is kindly helping me out). There is always a lack of direction and an assumption of knowledge as to how to complete the task. There is always a completion of the task in a conceivable but vastly untraditional manner. There is always a moment of realization where no other word but the word “wow” crosses one of the participant’s mind. And, in my life, there is always a pause and then a burst of laughter and a gratitude for another good story to be added to the list.

As I move “…a few miles up I-35…” (about 990 miles) from Dallas, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota I am sure that I will have many personal “wow moments.” I imagine most of these will be related to weather, and I look forward to the bursts of laughter that will come! I hope that you will share in my happiness and enjoy my anecdotes. I await your advice and responses!

If you’re a blogger, let me know about your first post and why you decided to start a blog!