Wow! Celebrity Success Edition


Today was an epic Monday!

I was in a cute coffee shop, reading what I love, getting through myendless to-do list,  and enjoying a delicious Dirty Soy Chai Latte.  A pretty perfect morning, by my standards. (

As I glanced over I saw a face I recognized from my youth but moreover from a month at Dallas Children’s Hospital. It took me a minute to connect it together. It was no other than NFL hall of fame, Dallas Cowboy, three time superbowl winner, Troy Aikman.

Then, an unexpected wave of memory from my month of Dallas Children’s wash over me. I thought of my anxiety, of the very sick kids, of the hard working staff and how the hospital decor brightened everyone’s day. I had an overwhelming need to thank him for the interactive football floor in Dallas Children’s. It is a respite from the hospital for  the children, the parents, the doctors, students and staff. It reminded me of the bigger picture.

It took a minute to build my courage to approach him. In five minutes, I considered whether my thank-you was a good enough reason to invade someone’s privacy, I consulted a friend, I self talked, I sweat. And then, I pulled it together. It was now a personal challenge (yes, a thank-you to a celebrity), I counted to 10 and went for it.


Mr. Aikman couldn’t have been nicer. He even signed a napkin for me! Thank-you again, philanthropists of the world, it matters!

Tell me about your epic Monday or your celebrity encounters!



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