Wow! Live from Minneapolis!

Hello there!

This weekend I hopped a direct flight on Spirit to apartment hunt! As expected the weekend was fabulous. Real-life apartment hunting is very gratifying after 3 months of virtual apartment hunting!

There were several “wow” moments built in to my trip.

The first came a couple of days before my trip as I checked the forecast for Minneapolis. I thought, wow, I really do have to unpack my winter clothes again!  Traditionally, in Texas, we don’t usually pack our “winter clothes” for the spring. There is a twofold reason for this: first, our winter jackets are usually laughably light and second: the weather is so finicky  you never know when it will drop into the 30s. The saying goes in Texas, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change. I packed seasonally this year, trying to be clever for my big move. Jack Frost may think he got the last laugh, but unpacking my “winter clothes” justified the purchase of heavy boots and coats in Texas.

The second “wow” moment happened as I was touring my new apartment. I parked the rental Camry on the street, it was a bit chilly and overcast, but nothing crazy. I emerged an hour later to find my car canvased in a beautiful white blanket of snow. I had a series of rapid fire “wows”  (1) it’s possible to have snow on April 18th  (2) it’s possible for snow to cover a my car in 60 minutes (3) a snow plow had passed and last but not least (4) yes, carefree bikers ride in this snow.

Minnesotans seemed equal parts apologetic and peeved about the snow in April. I loved it. I guess that their thoughts may have been less glum if they, like me, had never seen this much beautiful snow all at once, ever. This was more snow than the Dallas Christmas of 2013 “snowpocalypse.” After the shiny newness of fresh snow faded, (aka, my nose started freezing), I realized that entering the car would now be a challenge. After many failed efforts of wiping down the car, I did manage to pull out of the parking spot, parallel park in another, drive out of that one, and get back home safely to MY FIRST SNOWBALL FIGHT EVER that night!

I did have a wonderful “wow” moment on my flight home. A new friend taught me a bit about how the roads are logically laid out. Wow, it really is that easy! Thanks, friend!

Here’s to unusually happy spring days!

Happily yours,


Dilemma, how to get snow off the car....

Dilemma, how to get snow off the car….

So excited to see that I will be able to bike in the snow, too!

So excited to see that I will be able to bike in the snow, too!


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